Our Ethical Promise


As a Mother, Danielle, the Founder of The Tired Mama Collection, understands the important on sustainability for the future. This is our promise to you, to show that we are working hard to make sure the business is doing it's bit for the future of our tiny humans.
The Tired Mama Collection is working inline to adhere to the following steps, in line with the Green Growth Pledge. 

Working with responsible suppliers:
Our business will take to encourage good practice within your supply chain by choosing suppliers based on their demonstrable good practices, ensuring that our materials are organic and ethically sourced and produced. 

This ensures that staff, cotton farmers and machinists are paid and treated fairly, They also ensure that;

  • No use of child or forced labour
  • Safe and healthy working conditions
  • Legal labour contracts
  • Payment of living wage
  • Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining
  • No discrimination against employees
  • No excessive hours of work

Appropriate packaging:
Our business ensures that packaging is designed to be re-used, recycled or composted. We will also ensure that invoices and returns slips are printed double sided to reduce the use of paper. We have recently changed our inner packaging to recycled tissue paper than that using plastic garment bags. 

Please note that items sent to our suppliers are currently still packaged in plastic bags. We are currently looking for a practical replacement for these. We encourage all supplier to promote recycling of these bags to their customers. 
Preventing waste & pollution:
Reduce our business’ impacts by ensuring that all disposable waste is recycled where possible. 

Well-being of staff and your local community:
Steps our business will take to ensure it is socially responsible include making sure that employees are paid a decent living wage and offered flexible working conditions, and ensuring that our employees are employed from the local area. 
We will also allow the employee to choose their hours around their childcare, this maybe unsocial hours such as after bedtime or maybe during school time. Another way we plan to offer flexible working is by offering the opportunity for compressed hours, where the employer may wish to work their hours in one day, maybe a day their partner is off work for example. Another factor from your prospectus that we plan to adhere to is, sending our employees on regular courses, run by Business Wales, to allow them to develop skills and knowledge of the business industry.